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Driving profit, ensuring compliance, and decreasing waste

Providing Solutions To Hospitals and independent Pharmacies, Veterinary Clinics, EMS, andSurgery Centers.

At United Rx Solutions we realize how busy you are and how quickly expired pharmaceuticals can accumulate. United Rx Solutions will be happy to send a dedicated and experienced On-Site Service Representative to help.

Pharmaceutical Return Services

Expired pharmaceutical returns may not be a priority, but it is a necessity. With so many pharmaceutical reverse distribution companies, who and how do you choose? At United Rx Solutions, we are here for you. We know our clients need compliant handling of their products and continuous insight that increases profits and decreases waste. We deliver. We understand that our clients want a comprehensive service without an overload of extra fees. We make it happen.

Our Services

Work with United Rx Solutions and make your next choice your best choice!

On-Site & Contactless Service

In your pharmacy business, the bottom line is the bottom line. With United Rx Solutions’ extensive reporting, we can help you track and monitor prior returns while assisting with future purchasing decisions.


Controlled Substance Destruction

United Rx Solutions understands the need for compliance, efficiency, and reliability. Let us help you properly handle your pharmaceutical returns so that you can handle the rest.


On-Site & Contactless Service

United Rx Solutions' goal is not only to provide industry solutions but to also provide peace of mind. United Rx Solutions is fully compliant with all federal, state, and local regulations concerning the handling, storage, transportation



Pharmacy Solutions for


Results-Driven Pharmacy Solutions

Driving profit, ensuring compliance, and decreasing waste.


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